Rooster Crowing Contest

The concept is simple – you count the number of crows that occur in 30 minutes and that bird is the winner.   For some reason this is a highly popular activity at fairs and the few shows that have it.   This is particularly exciting for the spectators that know nothing of chickens.


Crower – the bird that was entered in the crowing contest

Contestant – the person who entered the bird in the contest


  1. The Crower will not be judged in the open show (this gets around the problem of a show bird not being in the cage when a judge is working that class)
  2.  The Contestant must have the Crower in the cage at the start of the competition
  3.  No one may touch the Crower during the competition.
  4.  Females, males, toys or other paraphernalia may be displayed, shaken, etc around the cage but may not enter the cage of the Crower.
  5.  No one may assist the Contestant in attempting to get the Crower to crow.
  6.  Only full crows are counted
  7.  If a Crower is crowing when the competition begins, that crow does NOT count.
  8.  If a Crower is crowing when “time” is called, that crow does count.
  9.  The Crower does not have to belong to the Contestant.
  10.  The individual counting for an entry should not be a family member of the Contestant.  This eliminates conflict of interest (it can get heated!)


Most shows give awards for the top three entries.