Visual of How it Works

A visual of how it works!

Obviously this is a simple example, but it will help understand how the points work.  The data is totally made up in order to help make the important points.

Below is the date from the 3 shows that have reported their shows.  We’ve pared it down to only those exhibitors that are APA exhibitors.

From this data we see that the top exhibitor in our region is Linda Sparlin with her Plymouth Rocks.  The points she accumulated at the Kansas State Fair edged out Fred from the top spot.  

Now let’s see how these points break down by breed.

Now we already know about Linda and her points but look at Sharon and Dave down in that Wyandotte category.  For that matter we also have some competition in the Naked Necks and Dominiques.  Here is where you can see what breeds are accumulating the points.   Currently this is sorted by breed name but it could be sorted by points and show you the top breed by points.

Now my good friend Sharon just couldn’t stand being in the middle of the list.  So she loaded up her Black Wyandotte large fowl and hit the show circuit!  Now look what happened.

Wow, looks like she made most of the State Fairs.  Way to go Sharon!  Let’s see what that did for her score.  No big wins in there, but she did a lot of showing.

Sharon did it!   She edged out Linda simply by showing more and getting her BB and RBs.  

This is why the program is so interesting.   Those who consistently show will be acknowledged for their hard work.   In this case Sharon never won a show, Champion LF or even Class, but she consistently did well within her breed.

Now if this was all the show data for the year there would be no plaques because no one accumulated more than 100 points.   

However we would be giving out a lot of Breed Certificates because all of our friends have accumulated more than 14 points in their given breeds.   Well that’s not quite true.   Look at the far right column and you’ll see that Mark didn’t have enough points in Naked Necks and Dave didn’t have enough points in Wyandottes.

Let’s add one last variable.  Our friend Tony is working on Muffed Buff Old English.  He’s showing them all over, even though they aren’t recognized.  We want to encourage not only the showing of minor breeds but anyone that is truly working towards acceptance of a new variety.

From this graphic we see that Tony accumulated 40 points in the Muffed Buff OEGB, while Jess only accumulated 10 in his effort to support the new variety.  Therefore, Tony will get a certificate but Jess will not.   We only know about these entries because the last page of the “Show Report” is a spot for the secretary to report any variety that did not win RB or BB and there were 15 or more exhibited.

Ah, notice John down there at the bottom?  That’s because he took BB in the Old English, though we don’t track the variety.  Asking the clubs to report winners on every variety would probably fail, so the program is set up to accept that if clubs want to submit it.