District 6 Merit Awards

Beginning in 2018 APA District # 6 will be initiating a Merit System that is based on the highly successful California National on the West Coast.

Merit Award Program

This award program is in “addition to” and does not modify any APA awards programs.  It is open to all paid APA members in District # 6 for shows held in District # 6.  For the first 2 years Mark Fields will finance the program and no fee will be charged to either participants or shows.


  • An Exhibit of Merit plaque will be awarded to exhibitors who are District # 6 APA members, who score 100 or more points during the show season. (See Rule 10 on Show Season)
  • A Breed Fancier certificate will be awarded to the exhibitor who earns the most points (minimum of 14 points) in a particular breed during the show season.


Points are awarded as follows:

Show Champion  40

Show Reserve Champion 35

Section Champion  30

Section Reserve  25

Class Champion  20

Class Reserve   15

Best of Breed    7

Reserve of Breed   3

If 15 or more birds exhibited in a single variety

Best of Variety   7

Reserve of Variety   3


  1. No Exhibit of Merit points will be awarded for wins prior to receipt of the enrollment form accompanied by the $10.00 membership fee.
  2. Exhibit of Merit points will be awarded to an exhibitor for their six highest scoring District 6 shows.
  3. Breed points are awarded regardless of the number of birds or exhibitors competing.
  4. Class points (and higher) are awarded only if there are 5 or more birds (4 for geese) and two or more exhibitors competing for that particular award.
  5. No cumulative points are awarded to a single bird at a singles show (e.g. if a bird is awarded class point [see rule 4 above], then no breed points are awarded to that bird).
  6. To be eligible for Merit Award points, an exhibitor must be a member of the American Poultry Association.
  7. For Bantams only shows, the Show Champion and Show Reserve Champion will receive points ONLY for Section Champion and Section Reserve Champion. No points will be awarded for Show Champion and Show Reserve Champion.
  8. Due to the large number of entries in the Bantam Game Class, Old English and American, combined, is one class, and Modern, is the other class of Bantam Game.
  9. Bantam Ducks are considered to be Waterfowl at all regular shows and Bantams at all Bantam only shows.
  10. The Show Season will start in March of each year and end after the last APA sanctioned show of the year.
  11. Double shows will be treated as two unique shows and scored accordingly.
  12. To help boost new actively exhibited varieties, we will accept varieties not in the Standard of Perfection if they meet the 15 bird minimum being exhibited at the show.
  13. Points will not be awarded from incomplete show reports.


  1. Recognition of individual standing in our District; both on the website and in the end of year News and Views.   A plaque if enough points are accumulated.
  2. Recognition of work with individual breeds and varieties on the website.  A certificate if enough points are accumulated.
  3.  Shows benefit by increased recognition of points awarded at their shows, increased competition and increased numbers


The following hierarchy illustrates the selection process at class level and higher (Show, Section and Class refer to both champion and reserve champion bird):

Regular Shows: 

Section (Large)

American Class

Asiatic Class

English Class

Continental Class

Mediterranean Class

All Other Standard Breeds

Section (Bantams)

Modern and American Game Class

Old English Game Class

Single Comb Clean Legged Class

Rosecomb Clean Legged Class

Any Other Comb Clean Legged Class

Feather Legged Class

Section (Waterfowl)

Heavy weight Duck Class

Medium weight Duck Class

Light weight Duck Class

Bantam Duck

Heavy Weight Goose Class

Medium Weight Goose Class

Light Weight Goose Class

Section Turkey

Section Guinea Fowl

Bantam Only Show

Section (Bantam)

Modern and American Game Class

Old English Game Class

Single Comb Clean Legged Class

Rosecomb Clean Legged Class

 Any Other Comb Clean Legged Class

Feather Legged Class

Bantam Duck