2019 Current Standings

It’s July!!!! Middle of the Year! Here are the current standings after our busy spring show season. Remember with the upcoming fair and fall show seasons this can and will change!

Two shows from the spring have not yet been added, those are Cape Girardeau and Mike the Headless Chicken show. Never fear both are on their way to me and will be included in the point count for this year.

This spreadsheet presents a list of accumulated points by exhibitors at our shows.   Because I know some folks are curious I’ve even included the out-of-state people as well as those not an APA member.     

The Recap of Exhibitors presents the show award data sorted by exhibitor.  In this way you can see which breeds/varieties make up an individual’s scores.

The final spreadsheet presents the scores by Breed.  In this way you can see who scored the most points for a breed.   Breed certificates were mailed out to those individuals who scored the highest for each breed, but only if they lived in our District and were APA members.